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Take me out to the ball game


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Baseball Scandal

As a lifetime Mets fan, I am extremely disappointed in baseball, and it's not because my team hasn't won a World Series since 1986. No, it has to do with this steroid controversy. This is a travesty, an aberration, a vile anomaly in a game that is known as The American Pastime.

Surely, what happened in the NBA when Ron Artest went into the stands is no greater crime than an athlete purposefully taking these drugs. Because, in truth, Artest's emotion is at least honest. Give him credit for that. A football player acts untoward after a touchdown and he receives a penalty, so why is baseball making this so easy.

Anyone taking steroids is a crook, a thief who taken away the purity of the game. There are standards in baseball: ninety feet from base to base; sixty feet from mound to home plate, and so on. Sometimes, baseball is called a game of inches. In truth, this is meant if a ball is fair or foul, a strike or a ball, or a runner is safe or out. It is not meant to indicate the girth of a player's pumped beyond reason biceps.

My feeling is that anyone on these drugs should be banned from baseball. What Pete Rose did is no more criminal, and the man who has the most hits in major league history is still persona non grata. I think baseball will stink worse than a Brooklyn sewer on a summer day if it sweeps this controversy under the astroturf.

If they start the season off like nothing happened, if the networks want to pump their ratings up with coverage of Bonds stalking Ruth and Aaron, and if he does connect enough times and breaks the record, we should all rebel in the most powerful way we can: stop watching the games, stop going to the games, stop buying baseball merchandise. I know people won't be strong enough to do it, but they should.

Ruth is no doubt turning over in his grave, and I'm sure a gentleman like Hank Aaron, who accomplished his 755 lifetime homeruns with sheer talent, must be extremely uncomfortable, especially if some baseball honchos have the idea to have him around when Bonds hits 755 and 756. Mr. Aaron, please don't be there. Mr. Aaron, you are all about integrity and this situation is all about impropriety. Please, Mr. Aaron, don't be there on the field to shake Bonds's hand.

It makes me sad to the core of my baseball-loving soul to see the game come to this. Remember "Say it ain't so, Joe" in reference to Shoeless Joe Jackson and that World Series scandal in 1919? That was one of baseball's lowest points. This is another.

Somewhere in the great diamond in the sky, Joe DiMaggio, Ted Williams, The Babe, Roy Campenella, and all the greats (men who were honest baseball heroes we can admire) are sitting around with tears in their eyes.

Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? Indeed!


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Good rant! :)

I've only heard about this briefly on sports radio over here, so I don't know the full details. But i agree with the sentiment of what your saying. Drug users in sports should be banned, their cheaters. Cheating themselves, the team, the sport and the fans.

Although just to play devils advocate, steroids wouldn’t make him hit more accurately or necessarily any further...


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Surprised someone didnt make a thread sooner since this started in the news about a week ago. Anyway...i totally agree with you. Also dont they have a certain amount of forgivness before they ban you from baseball?


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watched the news yesterday, and it wasnt only in baseball, the "fastest couple" Marion jones, and her husband forgot his name, also used steriods, (the clean, others i cant remmber) that were undecteble by tests. the guy who was interviewed (by his own free will- he was the one that requested the interview) was victor contie, owner of balco,

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I personally have no problems with the baseball players being juiced...

barry has been very very good for very very long and its not something he has suddenly picked up on... he was clean this year and he still smacked the ball out of the park often enough while racking up the walks...

the baseball players did nothing illegal for the time they took the drugs... the atheletes we present to the world (as well as international atheletes) generally take performance enhancing drugs... some can be detected but generally designer drugs are years ahead of the methods to catch them...

people like sheffield and barry I can live with because their talent does not depend solely on the number of homeruns they hit but also the contact and everything else that they bring to the game ie steals/defence/batting avg./so on/so forth...

marion jones is a bit of a different case and I do feel bad for that situation...


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you know when these guys start dying off at 40 like Caminiti, then you will know who is juiced. This is the players association, at fault, because they were so against mandatory testing Baseball is the last of the major sports to implement it. As far as progress, you know Bonds was juiced look at his body when he started, same for Sosa, they were lean guys who played baseball. Now look at them! Of course they are juiced. If they were happy trading their shortened life for the chance or opportunity to play baseball, I don't feel sorry for any of them. When enlarged hearts and liver failure pay them calls our medical profession, should feel no sympathy either.

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