Take away automatic spin-up of floppy/cd/dvd drives?



I was wondering how I can stop my drives (particularly my floppy) from being accessed whenever I open my computer in XP home edition. Its annoying everytime I open 'my computer' my floppy drive rumbles and both my cd drives spin-up when I'm almost always going to my hard drive anyway (which incidentally sometimes isn't ready for me).



99.9% of the time that is caused by Antirus Programs...

what AV are you running ?

Check if it has the option to turn off Floopy Protect etc



It's not my antivirus. I realized that my floppy drive only tries to access itself when I scroll my mouse over its icon (any ideas how to make it not do that?). However the cd drives power up and starts spinning up whenever I open 'my computer'. I think the reason that that is bothering me so much is because my dvd drive is making seriously strange noises whenever it powers and spins up - it is under warranty so I'm getting a new one for free. :D


it is bad design, and annoying

unforunately, I dont know how to turn it off...

you could probably stop it from happenin when u open 'my computer' at least - disable autrun, autoplay, and auto-insert notification, although the last one will probably cause problems...

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