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Tag Editor


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What is that simple program that edits the tags of music files? It adds all the data so the details are the same no matter where you put them. I used to use it but I can't remember what it was called.


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That does look good, I also need something to add album art and that does it.

I am going to try this out later tonight. Thanks.


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I tried out FixTunes and well I like it.

For as much as I can be. Without paying for it they only allow you to do 50 songs. Now for me that is not enough to see if it worked. What I wanted is to have the tags edited so I can have the same album art and details for any player. Now I am not going to go and try that with only 50 songs done. The details it finds seems to be perfect, it gives you a % of how accurate it is as well. Now it does not seem to have anything about album art, but the details it finds on the music it does show the related album with the album art. Now I don't know if that detail and image are added to the music file or not, so its hard to say if it does what I want.

The interface is to me amazing, I was expecting something crappy, but it almost looks like iTunes but I think its what iTunes should look like. Easy to use and pleasant. And now I am not sure if it adds album art to them, it finds it but not sure if its added. Will have to test it over the next while.

Over all as a tag editor I give it 4/5 Stars.


So I went and said screw it and paid for it, and this program is a 5/5 stars. It found all details I needed, downloaded all the album art, renamed them properly and just plain worked.
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I have been playing around with it more and it has it's problems. For some reason once in awhile, like after a certain amount (or how it seems to look like) of fixing songs it gets them wrong. For example it tried to fix one album by a band and it got them all right except one song, now that one song has the wrong album art on it, and there are no options to change it. It makes no sense.

So I'd say its a very good program, but worth the money, I don't know now.

I still can't remember that one program I wanted, it was small and was perfect, arg!

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i used to use pyschomp3 (or something like that) used to look up cddb for the info - didn't get all of them as they wernt always in cddb but it got most :)


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It's hard to organize and fix up music so that it looks good and acts normal in every single player and device.


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That is why you have to start early, and work very detailed about it.

And, HOLY CRAP, 900GB? Are you sure about that number?

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