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tablet pc


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i have never been a fan of portables .. but the time has come and i have a need for a tablet pc. There is one big problem ... i have weight restrictions put on me from doctors .. and i need it for keeping notes. ..wireless access ..ect ect.

Im almost 6'7 so a laptop keyboard is out of the question... my hands are too big ..which is why id prefer a tablet for writing instead of typing.

Any suggestions.... seems my given budget is under 2000 usd. I appreciate any help in advance.
So you need something thin and light, with good battery life, and you plan to use ink more often than a keyboard. Sounds like slates would be the ideal form factor for you. You can then plug in an full-size USB keyboard if and when you need one. The downside to slates is that they're usually quite pricey compared to convertible tablets or regular laptops.

Motion Computing is well-known for its slates. Take a look and see if any of them catch your eye: http://www.motioncomputing.com/products/


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Motion Computing's latest tablet is the LE1600 and is quite pricey. You may be able to save money by buying the older version M1400 or even buying a used one. A lot of people are upgrading to the LE1600 so there are a lot of used M1400 for sale.

Motion Computing also came out with a smaller version of their tablet with an 8" screen. It's the LS800 and is very light. The only downside to this is it doesn't have a PCMCIA slot.


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Another thumbsup for motion computing for tablets and slates. They are pricey but good at what they do.


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Sazar said:
Another thumbsup for motion computing for tablets and slates. They are pricey but good at what they do.
they do seem pricey. the deal is i used to be a locomotive engineer and was in an accident ..surgery ..blah blah and now they are sending me to college ... they started with a 1000usd budget but now just talked them into purchasing the HP tc1100 with 1 gig ram and 1.2 intell processor along with most of the bells and whistles. Ill let yall know what i think of it. the slate is really all i need for school anyway.
The tc1100 looks like a very nice machine too. I'd really like to get a Tablet at some point in the future, but I'll be looking at the convertibles.
Hey Sazar, when's Dell coming out with some Tablets man? :D
We just bought a couple of the Motion Computing LE1600s and so far they have been great. They were bought as a test of sorts to see how well they worked out and now we are probably going to equip most everyone that has a laptop with them.

Thumbs Up on the Motion Computing.

Another thing with them that turned out to be a plus was the turn around. They told us when we ordered that it would be about 3 to 4 weeks before we got them. They showed up one week after the order instead.

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