systray time/date display

Since installing Win7 Ultimate I was always seeing the time and date together in the tray which I liked but today it's just the time and I have to mouse over to get the date. I don't see any setting for this unless I'm just overlooking it. Anyone know how I can get it back?

unrelated, but clicking around that area I also discovered the peek/show desktop bar! Didn't know it was there! That will take some getting used to but it's better than having to right-click the taskbar to show the desktop


Not Too eXPerienced
Type intl.cpl in RUN or start menu search box and press Enter. It'll open Regional and Language Options window. Now click on "Addition Settings" button. Click "Reset" button at the lower right corner and see if it solves the issue. Good luck.
I haven't done any that was suggested but it's back to showing both date and time now. I looked around the regional settings but I don't see anything related to this.
I also tried to shrink the taskbar but I guess it's already as thin as it's gonna get. If I make it bigger it also shows the day of the week but that much I can usually figure out on my own :)
Not sure why I lost it or why it came back...weird
well, it happened again.
tried the regional reset suggestion, no change.
tried resizing the taskbar, no change.
even if I drag it up to cover half the screen it still only shows the time.

any other ideas?
found the problem!
it's another tray program I have running at startup!
local tv station puts it out.
one icon flashes and makes a sound for breaking news/weather alerts and it also displays the temperature beside the clock. As soon as the temp shows up I loose the date display