system32dllcache question


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system32\dllcache question

I noticed when i was scanned system32\dllcache with NAntiV, it had a shitload of files. Are these deletable, or are they needed by xp?

Btw, is there any other folders originating in the C:\Windows that have files inside of them, that you can delete and it wont affect windows.... (in a bad way)

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mmmmm nope that is your backup cache of all your dll's when something goes wacky your gonna kick yourself for touching that ......why are you short on space?? ............


From what I can gather, this folder is used for windows file protection... Delete something from the system32 folder or alike and blam it shows up again.... Deleting this folder could adversely affect your system files; wouldn't do it if I were you...

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