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System Unstable

Here are my systemspecs

Athlon XP 2000
MSI KT3 Ultra ARU Mobo
Geforce 3 TI 500
Lite-on 40x cd burner
512 pc2700
IBM 120 gig HD

and here is the problem I built this pc myself, and the bios was at its default so my PC was running that the 1.67ghz that it was supposed to, BUT it was severly unstable at that speed. So i went into the BIOS and set my processor to the Low Speed Defaults in my bios, now it is very stable but is only running at 1.25ghz. Could this be heat problem because at this speed processor stays between 42 degrees and up to 60 degrees C.
Any advice would be helpful would like to have pc running at its top speed.


Well no expert here.

But if it is unstable and by your temps. I would definately say it was a heat problem.

Make sure your rig can breath. Case fans..intake and exhaust. At least one of each. Try running without the case but some say this could actually hurt your airflow.

I have very close to your same specs.

How did you mount the cpu with the heatsink and cpu?

Hope you didn't just smack it one with the sticky goop or something like that!!!

I recommend tearing apart and using artic silver if you have not already! That stuff is the best. Get the latest and greatest version and follow their instructions excalty for mounting the heatsink and fan. Take your time mounting.. Plus...what kind of heatsink fan combo did you buy.? I paid like 50-70 bucks on a single fan heatsink combo.. don't be cheap. SOme doctor thermal extreme fan. SOunds like a hairdryer!

I went a little extreme but I wanted my rig to be stable and cool.

Right now.

With it very warm the apartment.

44 degrees C reading the cpu temp from underneath.
45 degrees C reading my g3ti500 heatsink temp.

I have the bios set to shut down the computer down at 60 degrees C. That is getting a little too warm for me!

Fingers - new...but not too stupid
Ithought i might be a heat issue, that means its fairly easy for me to fix,i have a 120mm fan that i canadd, it willtake a little case modding but it will definatly cool it off!


That would be a great addition.

I have one in the front drawing air in. One in the back right next to the cpu area pulling it out.

I keep meaning to put a blow hole fan on this thing. Always wanted to. Peeps have had great results adding a fan on the top. THe whole theory of heat rises.

But temps look great to me...so it hasn't pushed me to cut a hole in the top of my comp.


Beware the G-Man
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He's running an Athlon 2000, if he bought it "BOXED" then it won't have "A stock Intel Aluminium Block". The "BOXED Athlons come with an adequate HeatSink and Fan to run properly if the system has not been tweeked. Now the question for LazyJames is:
Is the Machine in an enclosed area? ie... under a desk/furnature up against the back of it, in the rectangular boxed area under some Computer Desks, stuck up against the wall. Or is it out in the open? How many Fans are in the case at the moment? You should have one (1) in the front of the case drawing air in, the fan on the CPU HeatSink (of course), one in the back of the case drawing hot air out, and the PowerSupply Fan(s), MINIMUM.
The 120mm Fan could be at the front of the case and for better scavanging of hot air from inside the case two (2) in the back.

BTW--Make sure they (the Fans) are blowing in the right direction.
Hey just a thought. :rolleyes:

Also in BIOS what are your Memory settings and "Front Side Bus"? IF any of these are over tweeked it could make the system unstable.
Also how small of a Case is it? If it's all cramped up with the Wiring, Ribbon Cables, etc... it will make it harder for air to flow through the Box (Case). Use Arttic Silver. between the CPU and the HeatSink. Copper Shim (goes between the HeatSink and CPU) is a good idea also.
If you want to upgrade the HeatSink/Fan that you have you might want to get a Volcano 7. Just a thought. :)
Ok right now, the only fans i have are on the PS and the CPU, had two more 80mm fans but they are no longer working, so i have to go buy some more. Thats why i thought it was a heat problem, also the is a full ATX so its got plenty of room, but it is in a college dorm room which means its in a very inclosed space. have not had the temp go above above 60 C but that is still to hot for me to be comfortable with.


Beware the G-Man
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Add an Intake and two Exhaust fans. Make it happy. :D
Keep the Machine away from the wall, keep the Window (more Room ventillation) in your Dorm Room open (you do have a window? :p ) when you're using it or Gaming. :)
Thanks for the help, i figured that would be a good idea. As for the window well it might open:rolleyes: This dorm aint that great but i guess thats college for me. :p

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