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whats a good temp for my processor to be running at? its like 90 degrees apparently, but wouldnt it have burst into flames and buggered up?


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I'd Shut down quike And try to find out what's wrong. The safe temp for an athlon is up to around 85C although under 65 is better. Anything over 65c and cpu errors start. Mine runs around 50c
its been running fine, no errors, for over a month, but the temp is apparently high. i dont know whats up, im going to try adjusting the clock speed, i think it may be higher than regulated.

my heatsink is also ass.
sorry, centigrade. the temp is now falling. i was under the impression i had bought a 2800, but i have apparently been lumbered with a 2600. after correcting the clock speeds, the temp is falling.

i will be contacting the place i got the processor from, buying those new fans and heatsinks, and everything should be sorted.


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temp is still WAY higher than it should be... overclocked (slightly) and crappy hsf included. i'm betting it's just not installed properly.

invest in some arctic silver 3 or 5 and take off your hsf, clean both surfaces thoroughly, and apply some of that on the contact surface.


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My 3000+ runs at 40ºC with an Aero 7 Lite :D
As everyone said, thats extremely hot, and pretty dangerous to the chip too.
Get a better hatsink, theyre not expensive and are really worth the expenditure.


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heh. my P4 2.4 usually runs at around 34C-38C, and i'm usin the fan that came with the CPU.

Allthough THIS is the heatsink fan i REALLY want for it. But if i build my own computer entirely from scratch when i have enough money later on, i'd hope to go water cooled. seems like a good choice.


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hybrid said:
whats a good temp for my processor to be running at? its like 90 degrees apparently, but wouldnt it have burst into flames and buggered up?
Is that 90°C or 90°F? If it's C then you are just fine. If its F then I would say you are getting a bad reading.


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my rig runs @ 35c @ load :)

/me loves the athlon64's and their heatspreaders..

cool n quiet is also a lovely development :D
ok. heres a mission:

i want to get a good heatsink, a 120mm fan and an 80mm fan. i have £30 to spend. i may be able to do without the 80mm for now, if the budget is too small. where can i get these items and match my budget?

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