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System stats monitor


I may actually be insane.
Another nice one is available from: http://beam.to/mco
It's a very simple 4 panel design (cpu/mem - hdd - network - mbm) so no real configuration is needed, it can sit in your tray until requested and also supports transparency.

You may also prefer a statbar like the one from http://statbar.nl it basically sits either at the top or bottom of your desktop like your normal taskbar, but it displays lots of useful information :)

Perris Calderon

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don't forget all of these real time monitors have a resource footprint themselfs...therefore, the actual figures are distorted, since without the monitor, the figure would be different then when you have the monitor running

in addition, obviously, since they use a bit of your resources, they also slow you down a bit when running, so therefore again, I turn these down until I actually need specific information

not much, a couple of mbs in coolmons case, but something to be sure

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