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system restore



Im having a problem with system restore, it`s still in system tools but when I open it there`s just a blank screen . also I wanted to know if anyone could also help me with the following problem. i have aol 9.0(might I add, i didn't have this problem before installing 9.0) and whenever I click on links, ,or open IE, i get that message that states the file you're downloading may be harmful to your computer, and when saving it wants to know which program I would like to open it with. Just want to add that my pc was fine on aol 8.0, although I had to do system restore in order for it to work. prevously i had problems getting the software to detect my cable connection, so I've been using system restore like crazy trying to determine the latest point that I could actually get aol to connect, can anyone help.

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With system restore have you been using a registry cleaner? Does 'help & support' open OK?

If you have not used a cleaner & you want to try & get it working again you could try this>
Right click my computer/properties/system restore. Turn it off. YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR RESTORE POINTS. Reboot, go back & turn it on. A new point will be made. See if it worked.

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