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System restore not working?


Stranger Than Fiction
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I just tried to do a system restore because of an earlier problem:


I was hoping that could fix it but the system restore isn't working. It keeps telling me that it cannot restore to this point because no changes have been made to my system.... which is of course incorrect. I just reformatted a few weeks ago so SEVERAL changes have been made... I just can't seem to access any of the old points. Anyone know what to do?


When you try to do a system restore - do you get a calendar?

Are there dates on the calendar with RP's listed?

Do you have RP's shown in your System Volume Information folder?


Stranger Than Fiction
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There is a calender with several bold dates. Most of them say something System Checkpoint with a date and time preceeding that. I have created restore points recently and I figured I could just use one of those. If you can tell me where the system volume info folder is I'll tell you if there are any RP's.


As long as you have RP's on the calendar there is no need to check the SVI! BTW - the SVI is a hidden folder.

If you are using recent restore points that you recently created - it is possible that there was no change to your system since you created them.

I would suggest using a restore point from a time prior to the problem you refered to and see if that corrects the problem. If that restore point works (as surely there has to be a change since then) and it does not correct the problem, you always have the option to "undo the last restoration" and that will return everything to current time.

I looked at your other thread and I guess it would not hurt to check this:
In IE go to Tools, Options, Privacy, Edit and see if ESPN.com or the other sites you can not get to are listed in the Managed Web Site list and listed as blocked!


Stranger Than Fiction
Political User
I can't find any settings that need to be changed and system restore doesn't fix anything. I think I'll reformat and see what happens. Thanks anyway though.

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Best thing to do if you are going to use system restore is right after you format, right click my computer/properties/system restore, & turn it off. Reboot. Then go back & turn it on. That seems to get it running right.

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