System Restore Not Working !


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15 Jan 2004
Hi. Do we already have posts for "system restore not working"? If not, this is my problem. I can't use the system restore function of my Xp pro even if i tried it in safe mode. do i need to "zero-out" the disk space for this to work again? I need help!
Thank you.
Are you sure it is not turned off? - My Computer/View system information/System Restore
syatem restore

Right click My Computer, left click Properties, left click System Restore and make sure the turn of box is not ticked, if it is take the tick out by left clicking on it then click apply then OK.
While you have the System Properties box open also check that the Disk space usage box is not set to Min, if it is move the slider to the right then click apply & OK.
Mine also not working.

I get the error message "rundll32.exe Entry Point Not Found" The procedure entry point Remote Assistance Prepare System Restore could not be located in the dynamic link library.
I don't use system restore. I just have another partition I use for back up and use just do a plaan reformat ..
I periodically clone my main drive with ghost but this is still my last resort... It is plain dumb not to use/take advantage of SR, i mean worse case scenario if it doesnt restore properly, you just reformat...which you're doing anyway. Restore has saved my butt plenty of times and there really is no reason not to have it as an option.
Hipster Doofus: I have no problem at startup, only when I try to restore. Also same error message when I try to go into "properties" after a right click on "My Computer"
hmm theres a way to reinstall system restore, but i forget what it was...
If you just want to get it going again do the first step of what trackrat posteed above. Your system will want to reboot when you turn it off. YOU WILL LOSE ALL YOUR RESTORE POINTS. When rebooted go back & turn it on. A new retore point will be created. It should now be working.
After a right click on "my computer", I get the same error message when I left click on properties.
Who is the winner? What's the prize?? If it is me - glad you got it sorted!:D

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