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System Restore doesn´t make restoration points!!! help!!!



i´ve noticed that my system restore app is not making ANY restoration point.......i´ve checked my system restore ACTIVE....under my sytem properties....but still can´t make any, even if i do it manually, in the supposed restoration point Calendar does not appear any available restoration date or point....so what´s wrong?????


Maybe you have the Highpoint Raid motherboars like Abit? The newest Highpoint drivers disable the system restore -process. Solutrion is (From Pauls Abit FAQ):
"Versions 2.3 and 2.31 also stop the System Restore feature from working under WindowsXP - to resolve this you must delete the file hptpro.sys from the c:\windows\system32\drivers\ directory.


silly question????what do you mean????
listen.....i´m not a newbie.....and if the problem was memory space.....i still have 10 GB left from my HD......so????


Just a stab in the dark!

Go to System Restore Settings - ensure Disk Space Useage is not all the way to the left.

You said you had 10 gb left on your hd - okay, but if you do not have any allocated for system restore to use (above setting) - it will not work - regardless of how much you have left on the hd!
Just my 2 cents worth, but this works for me. Go into System restore and disable monitoring on all drives. then reboot your system. This gets rid of any old restore points.

Now go back to system restore and re-enable monitoring on all drives. Then try to create a restore point manually. If it works, there is much joy. Good luck
Jamale, Thanks for the tip. After fixing my system restore as I described above, it promptly turns itself off. I checked for the highpoint driver on my system and there it was. I deleted it (actually, just moved it to another location), restarted my machine and System Restore works again.

Just out of curiosity, does deleting hptpro.sys have any other detrimental effects? Is my Raid controller going to stop functioning or lose some operability? Just curious.



I have not read about any ill effects after removing the file (don't know what it does for Raid-stripes). On the opposite I read somewhere that peoples HD-speed has increased after removing it. And SR works fine!
You're right...so far, after a couple of days of operation, I haven't observed anything misbehaving. System Restore still seems to work. I found that there is an update to the Highpoint Raid driver for my motherboard on the Soyo website. I downloaded it, but haven't installed it yet.

I'm going to wait for a while to see if it really needs updating, since I don't use the raid function anyway. My MoBo has so many features that I don't use half of them. Thanks again for the great tip.



i have read the previous posts about system restore and i have the same problem i would like to know where the restore points are located would anyone care to help me?? and i also need to why this happens i have 2 windows folder one is called "windows"
and the other one is "windows.000" the windows.000 came when i restored my backed up win xp because xp keep giving me errors so i thought about installling it again and i saw that i had a "windows.000" dir?? why did it hapen and which one can i delete "windows" or "windows.000"?? plz reply if u know because this is really ticking me off.. tnx

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