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System Optimizer?


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With all these new system optimizers out, claiming that they will "clean" remove, and make your pc faster. Whick one is true to its word. I personally use "TuneUp utilities 2003" I found that it does what it says. Its a really nice program.

If anyone has somthing to add, please feel free to respond. I would like other input on this subject.

thank you

Perris Calderon

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hard to believe anyone would spend 35 bucks on that...I hope it was a gift?

I don't know anything in that program that isn't available for free in smaller apps.

like cablenut for internet

then it actually claims it can enhance memory management!



anyway, what exactly do you like about this program?



I use window washer 5 to remove all the files that are left behind and adaware to remove spyware and diskeeper to defrag..;) as for a reg cleaner i don't trust myself to remove anything from the registry :p


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To answer your first question: I got it free.

The reasons I like this program is that the registry and junk file cleaner seems to work without flaw. I ran a benchmark test using Dr.hardware20003 before and after using tuneup. and the increase in performance while not very notceable, was showing hard drive transfer rate increasing by 22%. As far as internet tweaking. I did use the tweak it offers, but I still believe in "cablenut" I also like the "DOD" secure delete option built in to the program. The system recovery feature is simple to use and does work well also.

To each his own I guess. but I have tested many programs claiming to clean and speed up system performance, and I found that this one does what it claims to do.

Perris Calderon

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the problem with benchmarking individual statistics is that improving one often involves hits in other performance regard.

I feel a little foolish...what is "dod secure delete option" ?


and welcome to the board td_inc.


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
i think that refers to some secure deletion method which overwrites the data multiple times to ensure complete erasure.

Dark Atheist

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dod = department of defense - supposed to be a 5 pass delete option i think the NSA option gives u a 7 pass delete

could be be wrong

often am :p
DOD=department of defense. Requires 10 overwrites (not just erases) to obliterate data.

So thinking about it that means that the NSA can recover files over written 9 times... Hmm, need a cyclotron.

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