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System Freezes when online



I wonder if any of you can help me with this. Recently well start Monday; my system is regularly freezing whilst online. I've been trying to eliminate what could be causing this; I think that this only seems to occur when Internet explorer is running.

I haven't seen a system freeze like this since windows 98.

My system spec is AMD 1.2 GHz 256mb nVida mp64 pro video card. BT Openworld UK Alcatel ADSL Modem.

Anything else anyone needs to know to help, please ask

Thank You
Is it on all web sites, do you go into secure sites a lot. I had a problem like yours when ever I went to certian secure sites and I lowered how many colors my computer used and It fixed the problem. I hope this could help. This was also on a 98se box.
dude, the same thing happend to me too. but for the last couple of days it's been fine again. have no idea what did it. i haven't installed anything or done something to my system. it was like that for a day or two..and then gone...go figure :confused:


it is totally random as to what web site i am on

is possible that this could be some sort of denial of service attack ?

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