System Freezes on Standby Resume


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5 Mar 2003
When I try to resume my computer from standby, the computer's fans turn but nothing is processed. The monitor does nothing. The system seems to receive no input, as pressing keys or moving the mouse has no effect.
This all started after I did a clean install of Windows XP to a new hard drive. I've already tried turning off APM in my BIOS. All of my drivers are ACPI compliant or whatever.
And by the way, nobody tell me just not to use standby. That is obviously my final option. Thank you.
Seriously, don't use standby, its been problematic since M$ introduced it many OS ago, why not just set the monitor and hard disks to turn off after a certain amount of time, never had problems with that, and basically does the same thing.
Okay j79zlr, I already know I don't have to use it, but I would like to have it fixed. Please, can someone help me who's not just going to blow me off?
It accuallys has to do with your MOBO and MS. There is no real fix for that. Only thing I can say is change the mobo but that is probly not going to happen.

To be honest there is no settings to fix it usualy. Try going to MS web site support section and look through there or your MOBO manufacture web site look for bios repair. Have you upgraded your bios lately?

Give that a shot for now.
I don't think j79zlr was blowing you off...he's right, standby is very problematic. We build a lot of Windoze workstations at work, and turn standby off on every one. Power management is hit and miss, works ok on some pc's, not others. Never heard of an actual 'fix' for it.
Sorry I wasn't blowing you off, I've fixed PC's for a long time, and it seems that once it doesn't work, it just doesn't work. Do a google search for "standby freezes XP"
But I don't see how it could be the motherboard when it once worked but now it doesn't. It seems like it would have to be an operating system software change because that's the only part of the computer that's changed.
I wish I had an answer for you, but that seems to be how it happens, one day it works, the next it doesn't. I've seen it a hundred times with no clear reason why.
I is quite true, I have "Standby" set to "off" and HDD set to shutdown "never". I use to also have random freezes every once in a blue moon when the system would go into what should be the screensaver mode, but I don't have any screen saver on, at all. I don't get the freezes anymore.

You could check these settings to see if they are set this way. If not, try them.

Go to Control Panel / Power Options and set "Turn off hard disks" to Never. Also set "System Standby" to Never. Don't forget to click "Apply." Then go to the hibernation tab and un-check the hibernation option. Click "Apply." Reboot.

I also found this at another forum where someone was having your problem but it was not a "Standby" mode problem.

I upgraded Windows ME to XP Home in early April, and it was very stable. Then in late May, the random freezes started, with frozen screen, no keyboard or mouse response, and stuttering sound. I went off on lots wild goose chases trying to fix it, including a clean istallation, wiping out everything on the hard drive. Nothing helped. Then I saw a suggestion that Microsoft's updates could cause problems. In desperation, I removed all hot fixes (Control Panel->add/remove programs) four days ago. No freezes since then, and they were happening every few hours, sometimes more often. My new policy on these "critical updates" is: only install one at a time, and always wait several days before doing the next one.

Plus I myself was told by someone that builds lots of Windows based computers, "one update per day, or longer".

Soooo... Give it a try.
hmm, interesting, I've never seen that one update per day thingy, I always get them all, even the ones that inform you to reboot afterwords, and I just keep fetching till I'm done. Never had a problem, and I would grab the critical updates ASAP since the fix is out, the exploit is either being exploited or will be shortly.

As far as the upgrade over ME, even M$ declares that problem, I usually clean install when a SP comes out via slipstream, always clean install a new OS kids, always.

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