System File Deframenter???



Is it ok to run System File Defragmenter, by SysInternals, every reboot? Or what do you recommend?

Also with 3D Mark 2001, I notice something unusual. Here is the link so the reader can get an up to date idea what I am dealing with.

3d Mark 2001 Problem

Thankx for the help in advance.
Originally posted by AlecStaar
I have before, but I think Windows is beating it to the punch defragging registry files hives on the fly in XP now... while you are INSIDE the gui... either that, or before the SysInternals stuff can get to it from the bootexecute area in registry!

* :)


P.S.=> It will complain that SYSTEM.ALT from 2k is not present, no biggie & only an "informational" error... I have yet to see it even once have to do a registry defrag. I think it may actually work on the pagefile defrag still though if its is chopped up! apk
I've notice that is complains about the System.alt file. Also noticed that the page file isn't that fragmented in the bootup. Twice I have ran the program continously and both times I had to reinstall windows. Who knows if it was the program doing it or something that caused the program.
XP OPTIMIZATIONS? Also what is good NON cashing backup program? XP Restore is good for SOME things. Those two reformats I did, where because of System Restore. I tried to restore back to when I first installed XP and no luck. Same error. I'm looking at ghost (don't know how to run it) and been reading about Goback.
just use the microsoft one, it works fine and it works really good on ntfs drives, other programs have problems with ntfs
"just use the microsoft one, it works fine and it works really good on ntfs drives, other programs have problems with ntfs"

Can you please elaborate?

- Greg/Raxco Software

Disclaimer: I work for Raxco Software, the maker of PerfectDisk - a commercial defrag utility, as a systems engineer in the support department.
Originally posted by ZipTriX
Is it ok to run System File Defragmenter, by SysInternals, every reboot? Or what do you recommend?

You probably could use it, but why would you want to in XP?

XP already defrags the MFT ( if that is what your wanting to do). As far as metadata goes, you could defrag that too, but it will just get fragmented again quickly in most situations. IOW, IMO its pointless to defrag the metadata in most situations, unless it gets severely fragmented. In my experience, I've never had a problem with metadata, never experienced any increase in speed by DFing the metadata, but I've never had significant metadata fragmentation. It might be good to DF metadata in databse servers, etc., but on XP desktops, I wouldnt really worry about it. I've always thought of offline defragmentation of MD as a marketing gimmick more than anything, especially in XP.

Of course thats just my opinion.

No offense, GHayes ;)
In the grand scheme of things, the performance improvement from defragmenting the NTFS metadata (as compared to having defragmented files) is really not noticable. However, by defragmenting the metadata, you allow a defragmenter to work more effeciently (don't have to split files around unmovable metadata) and pack files tighter (consolidating free space - partition re-fragments slower as new files are able to be created contiguously). Defragmenting the metadata isn't going to provide that sudden performance rush that users crave, but at a lower level, it can still be important.

- Greg/Raxco Software

I can concede that point to you. I guess on a monthly basis it would be good to organize all the metadata to get it out of the way. Problem is, the metadata is almost constantly changing, depending on usage, and is almost impossible to keep defragmented. Like I said, offline defragging might be a good thing to do once a month or so, but it wont do much good for long.

I've always wondered why, in XP, MS couldnt have either--

1) made a reserved system space for the metadata, much like the MFT slackspace, away from the other files. Or---

2) Allowes the APIs to move metadata around much like the boot and app optimizations that are built in.

But I suppose that would put you guys out of business though...

(Just kidding...:D )
Some of the metadata is likely to change frequently. For example, the $MFT and $Logfile. Most of the others don't. $Bitmap, $MFTMirr, $Upcase, $Boot, $AttrDef, etc...
Yes, its nice to see you here, GHayes.

Sorry I didnt mention that this morning, I was in a bit of a hurry.

Dont mind me if I get into a heated debate once in a while, its not meant to disrespect anyone. I just like to compare notes once in awhile and learn new things with an open mind.

Your presence and sharing is much appreciated here, and again, its good to see you here. Hope to see you around frequently, even on non-defragmenter subjects if your so inclined :D
Don't worry. I will contribute as I my knowledge and experience are appropriate :)

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