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Hi people...need some help pls...

I have multi partitioned drives on both my Win2000 and my XP machines, C (system), D, E, etc.

My question is, can I format the system drive and do a re-install of XP or 2K without losing what is in the other partitions?

The reason I ask is that I have a weird problem with Outlook that neither a repair or an update (to Office 2002 Pro) has fixed.

Thx in advance for any help you guys 'n' gals can give me.

GraLk :D


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U should not have any problems formatting ur system drive since u said u had multi partitioned drives on ur systems. The only things u will lose r ur settings and start menu items that point to were a program is and anything else that is on the partition with the OS


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You will also need to reinstall most of your software since your registry settings will be lost after a format.
However, your data on the second partition WILL remain intact. :)


Yep, all of the above is correct. That's one of the primary purposes for partitioning - the ability to "lose" or reformat one partition without effecting the others.


Thanks everyone, that is how I thought it was, but I just wanted to check with all you REAL computer buffs.

Thx again.

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yes you can, that's exactly what I do, I have all the stuff I download on a diff partition (patchs, utilities, music) that way I don't have to go and d/l everything again