System Center Configuation Manager and Windows Server 2003

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20 Jan 2004

I recently installed System Center Configuration Manager to Windows Server 2003 ( Non Enterprise) and was curious if its possible to have the SQL on another server that does not store System Center Configuration Manager. It seems like it wont allow me to have SQL on another server.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

Also is it possible with another server for System Center Operations Manager?

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26 Apr 2004
I haven't installed System Center before, however, a quick look through some of the docs says that you can use a remote SQL instance for the site database.
Configuration Manager 2007 primary sites require access to a SQL Server database to host the site database. The site database can be hosted on a SQL Server instance installed on the same server as the primary site, on a remote computer, or on a virtual SQL Server cluster instance.

As for how that occurs during the install, I don't know since, as a I mentioned, I haven't set it up before.

edit: incidentally, if you look deeper into the documentation, you might see this as well. As it appears that you haven't spent that much time looking into the yet, you may want to take a step back and look at your needs/requirements/goals and move from there. :) :p
Installing Configuration Manager in your production environment without proper planning is unlikely to result in a functioning site that meets your business needs and security requirements, and is therefore not recommended.

edit2: Found these two links that might help you on your way:
Using a Remote SQL Server to Host the Site Database
How to Install Configuration Manager Using a Remote SQL Server
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