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System as a router?


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I had read about something on a faqs about doing some kind of software routing on Windows/Linux/Mac OSX. So I want to know what it would take to do such a thing say on a Broadcom Wireless a/b/g laptop and what are the requirements and would it require having a second internet connection to have something connect to and use the internet be it Dial up or LAN or 2nd Wireless?


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Ok so if I just switch it to Internet Connection Sharing on the Windows portion, it should allow sharing of any wi-fi able device?

But I mean in terms of security... how would I get the security part as I wouldn't want anyone else to use my connection unless I allow it.

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Well a computer - computer wifi connection is referred to as an Ad-hoc network where a computer-access points is an infrastructure setup.

I'm not sure if security can be enabled on an ad-hoc network as I don't use it.


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Enable windows internet connection sharing. Then use a firewall to only allow one MAC address or IP to connect. Or create a route to make the other IP's end at nothing.

Then again I have never tried to force a range of IP's through the route command in windows.

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Mac OS X has a feature under "Sharing" in System Preferences. It is called Internet Sharing, you select what interface you want to share the connection from, and to what you want to share it. If you share your ethernet connection to wireless you can even set up WEP encryption. No WPA2 encryption supported, yet.

It sets up a DHCP server so computers will automatically get an IP address from you, and does NAT to route all the traffic.


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so it would be an ad-hoc infrastructure. And this is in Windows, its just the FAQ itself I saw for something said it could be done in Windows/Mac OSX/Linux but Windows was the hardest for some reason...

Ok, so I'm going to attempt based on the information provided here, yet I haven't done it so... I'm going to hope for the best.

EDIT: So I tried, but I must not understand very well how to do it. I know I've seen a few times in some areas you connect to a system itself among the list of available Wireless connections.
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Anymore help on this? From the last post of the edit, I got it shared, but it wasn't showing in the network lists.

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