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i couldnt find a suitible place to post this but this is the best i could find.
everytime i log on to my computer (windows xp) the system 32 folder appears. i dont know why but i dont feel secure as my younger sister could accidently change something if this pops up and that wouldnt be good. please help...thanks.


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It could mean a few things, quite simply could have been the last folder open during a recent reboot or crash, and Windows is trying to bring you back to an old state.

However, more likely, there is a file in startup, possibly a virus, calling this location. Update Windows and your Virus Protection, then run a scan.


i updated everything and then virus scanned. no viruses. didnt get what i was supposed to do on the microsoft website.


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It's an article that describes the symptoms you are having.

"System32 Folder Opens When Logging on to Windows XP, Windows 2000, or Windows NT 4.0"

Read it and follow the steps listed under resolution.

Also, make sure there isn't a shortcut to the folder in your Startup folder.


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if your running xp go to start run msconfig

then the last tab look for one of two things.
1. a blank entry or two uncheck them. to something that says system 32. uncheck reboot and run your choice of spyware scanning software i recommend antispyware beta.

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Uncheck them and reboot. When you reboot a screen will come up telling you that you just used msconfig put a check in the box "don't show me this again" (or something close to that) and click Ok.

let us know how that works.


woo it worked thanks all. topic, everytime i turn on my comp, a message saying this device can perform faster. it does not specify what device and there is no divice plugged in. why is this.

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bobsalot said:
everytime i turn on my comp, a message saying this device can perform faster. it does not specify what device and there is no divice plugged in. why is this.

Sounds like your system is USB 1.1 and have plugged in a 2.0 device at some point (maybe a thumb drive).

Right click “My Computer” select “Manage” then “Device Manager” expand the “Universal Serial Bus Controllers” right click each controller in there “That say Universal or Enhanced” select “properties” then “Advanced Tab” at the bottom put a check in the box “Don’t tell me about USB errors” then click "OK".

I think that should do it.

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