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4 Nov 2006
I am trying to use sysprep on XPsp2...I have created a base image with all the settings the way I want it, logged in as another user and copied the Administrator profile files to the Default User folder. My problem is once I seal the machine with Sysprep and deploy the image on another computer it seems to loose it's IE7 preferences settings, Media Player settings and a Media Player icon shows up on the desktop.

Am I doing something wrong or has anyone else run into this?
I thought that if you copied all of the Administrator files to the Default User that every new user account created would inherit those settings...funny thing is that after the machine is imaged and sysprep mini-setup is run, if I log in as Administrator the same thing happens...what is Sysprep doing to the Administrator account?...does it create a new one somehow?

Sorry for the long winded post...someone please help

how are you copying the profile? Are you just copying the administator files through Explorer? or are you actually going in the system properties and copying the profiles through there?

edit: also, general best practice is to create a user account and setup your "default" profile with a user account instead of the built-in administrator account. Sysprep for XP SP2 introduced some inconsistencies in the way it seals the admin account.
thanks for the suggestions...let me clarify my issue a bit. I create my image and set up the administrator profile the way I like it and then copy it to the default user with explorer. I then run sysprep and let it do it's thing...when finished the computer shuts down and I take a image of it.

When I turn the computer back on and log in a Administrator it starts a process of "Loading Personalized Settings" desktop loads and I have a new Media Player icon on my desktop that I didnt have before, when I launch IE7 it asks me to set up my preferences again and also Media Player initial settings are gone and have to be re set-up. All this happens when logging in as Administrator, not a newly created user. I hope that makes more sense, I am contacting MS now to get the hotfix but I am not holding my breath that it will fix it.

The Setup in SP2 was changed so that the Administrators Profile is copied to the Default Users Profile. You don't need to do it manually. Some settings do not carry over to the default user profile easily. When you run sysprep a lot of settings seemed to be "rolled back". At least that is my experience.

The hotfix mentioned by kcnychief will change that behavior back to pre SP2 where the default profile is untouched. I am using that hot fix now and it works well.

If there are specific settings that you want to be retained I suggest a batch file or a script in your GUIRunOnce section of you sysprep.inf file that will apply the setting you want. A simple reg file should do it, but it would only be for the current user.

Experiment with modifying the Default User's ntuser.dat reg hive and see what is retained (assuming you apply the hot fix).

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