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8 Apr 2005
I was thinking about building an image for my small-sized business. I would use my Corporate CD with my Legal CD Key, then sysprep the image. When I run the mini-setup wizard for each client's PC, I could then input their OEM key. Would this work?
When you run the wizard you can set all of the paramaters, including having the install program itself enter the key (unattended install)
(go into the SUPPORT then the TOOLS folder right off the root and find a file named DEPLOY.CAB, extract this somewhere and run the setupmgr.exe This is going to create a unattend.txt file for you, choose the options you would like.)

Here is a link to the full set of instructions. (these instructions are for adding new specific drivers to the automatic install... if you do not have any new drivers you want added just skip the new drivers instructions...the rest will apply and show you how to set up the unattended install) BTW, later on in the thread someone did all the work for you, might want to check it out and just change the parts you need)

I made an unattended install disk for one specific computer I have, had it set all of my computers settings for me automatically, and enter the key automatically....worked like a charm)
Hey! Thanks for the reply! I have to say that was good since this was the first time I had posted to the forum, hopefully that will continue :)

Let me rephrase my question....

I understand sysprep.inf, all the unattended processes files and everything. Here is my direct question.

If I use my Windows XP Corporate Edition CD (does not require activation), and my Corporate License Key, good for "x" amount of installations, and then sysprep the machine, run the mini-setup wizard and I leave the product key out of the sysprep.inf file. I would do that with intent to enter individual product keys for each person, using the OEM key I would buy for them. Would that work on a image built with Corporate edition? I hope that makes more sense.

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