Symantec's Intelligent Updater


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21 Jun 2002
Got 2 questions:

- Thus the latest virus definition (intelligent updater) contain the virus definitions in the previous intelligent updater?

- Is there a way to integrate/slipstream virus definition to the original installer?

Im asking these questions because the amount of virus definitions i have downloaded has just reach 1 Gigabyte of disk space,

hope you guys can help me with regards to my problem, thanks in advance. :confused:
if you get the latest version of SAV, you should not need to slipstream at all. I just updated once after installation and was up to date. Using here.

Right. Definition files are cumulative. You just need to get the latest version, not everything in between.
if your virus definitions have reached over 1gig then I think there is something wrong with your av software.. 1gig of data is A LOT of data, it sounds like your program might be writing redundant data all over the place, I would uninstall and reinstall the program.
Lets put it this way, if u install and run NAV2004 at first time it has virus definition dated august xx, 2003 if im not mistaken, from there i have downloaded intelligent updater up (which usually is 4mb in size) to this moment, symantec releases intelligent updater almost everyday,

if i format my drive and reinstall NAV2004, should i install all the downloaded intelligent updaters or just the last?
Yes, installing just the last update should bring you up-to-date with the latest virus definitions, since all updates are cumulative.

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