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sygate slowdown...

after installing the new update ive experienced major slow downs in my internet. has anyone else had this same effect since installing the new update?
all right i checked my comfiguration and found that if i have anti ip spoofing enabled i get a massive slow down, like my speed is cut in half! so for now its disabled. do i really need anti ip spoofing anyway?
what i mean is if the configurations are correct (some of mine changed on the upgrade) run a tracert to www."whatever".com and see if there is any packet loss occurring. Any #'s above 80ms will indicate a line/server problem.


no problems with latest sygate here, i have all options checked in security, no slowdowns :)


No, you don't need anti-IP spoofing enabled. I'd leave it unchecked, if I were you.
mike09, Vector is correct you dont need Anti-IP Spoofing enabled. If it causes you problems disable it.

A lot of the extra "features" Sygate includes can be disabled without any impact on the security of your system.

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