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7 Oct 2004
From my next doors neighbours free service (haha, well its free for me anyway :) ), to verizon.

The question (and why i stuck this in the general hardware section) is i ordered the wireless router from them, is this any good and what is the make, does anyone know?


p.s. the reason i'm actually paying for my own internet now is because my neighbours service keep on going out, its a shame as its comcast.
watch out for Netgear, esp. if buying when ISP ships you one... swirtched ISP here recently and bought a netgear and had to use the one supplied by ISP, so that netgear is now a glorified switch in the scheme of things (but does at least do the wi-fi!)...

Generally, stick with the ISP supplied solution until things are working - then see how it meets up with your needs and proceed with caution...
Verizon will most likely send you a Linksys BEFSR41 (that's what they sent me and everyone else I know who has them in and out of state). I have a personal vendetta against those things and highly recommend going out and buying something reliable like a D-Link DI-604 or building a little zombie machine and running m0n0wall.
i actually alreayd have a netgear wireless router, so i may just use that... will see.

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