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switching hdd

I have a 40gig now and just ordered a 80gig (8mb buffer). my question is: when I install the 80 gig it will be as my primary hard drive (OS hdd) and Ill keep the 40 gig as a secondary. Will I have to do anything to the 40 gig at all when setting up the 80 gig? I mean that having 2 OS's at one time won't affect it? cause I want to just pull stuff from the 40 gig to the 80 once its installed but there will be 2 OS's (xp) in them. Once I get all my files over to the 80 gig I plan to format the 40 gig. Anyone think I have to adjust anything?


Free to Fly
I have just done exactly the same thing.

I had XP on a 40gb drive, which i kept all the files on. When i got the 80gb i unplugged the 40gb and installed XP on the new drive. When it was all setup, plugged in the 40gb as slave and it was fine. got the files back, and have now formatted the 40gb to get rid of the previous install of XP.

Works like a treat :)


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Would you be able to install Xp on the second(New) HD, then boot up with that (new)XP and remove files and reformat the first HD without unplugging anything? I was wondering if I can do this.



Free to Fly
dunno to be honest, i've never installed an o/s with the drive with all my files on it plugged it, never trusted it i guess cause i couldnt be doin with losing all my file if anything went wrong

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