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Switch file system NTSF 2 Fat32????



i used to have the option but now it seems to have disappeared?
using WinXP Pro, 40 gig Maxtor but when go and format drive only have NTSF option? any1 know how i get to have both NTSF and Fat32 options? any help would be good thanks!


Glaanies script monkey
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He didn't say he was converting, he said he didn't get the option when formatting ;)

I think he wanted to erase all the data

Dark Atheist

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I had this prob with win2k and xp - seems it dont like it if you try and format a drive any higher than 32GB as fat32 :mad:

All i did was to make two partitions 1 @ 32GB and the other @ 5.2GB and install to the 32GB partition and put my 4GB swap file on the 5GB - but i had to re-install anyway so made no difference to me.

Have had a few probs with partition magic 8 - it wiped my drive once :( , so back up b4 u use it


Glaanies script monkey
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Size doesn't matter :cool: :D

Some BIOSes might have issues with large drives, but usually only old ones, and there are BIOS flashes available to fix most of them. WindowsXP didn't support drives larger than 137GB, but SP1 fixed that, same with the latest service pack for 2000, I'm not sure about Me, 98, and down.

The actual limit to FAT32 is 2TB, 2048GB.

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