Sweet! WMP10 LAN sharing...

I used to be a die-hard iTunes fan...until WMP10 came along and did almost everything iTunes could and more. The one feature I really missed when I moved over was built-in LAN sharing of the media library.

So I was browsing through wmplugins.com (WMP uses must check this out), and found this free plugin called On2Share that claimed to make LAN sharing possible using UPnP. I thought to myself - it can't be as good as Rendezvous sharing in iTunes. Wrong. It works just as well, with zero configuration necessary. Even better - it will continue to play a song that you selected even after the other person disconnects from the network.

Definitely something to check out:

The missing piece in the puzzle. Slick.

funky dredd

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Ok, I got an issue. When sharing out my files, the device will only play my mp3's. It will not play any of my media that are wma's, I do have copy protection on them. Any ideas?
It's most likely that it won't allow copy protected tracks to play, maybe a built in feature?


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Sounds neat, but why not just share your music on teh network? I do and it works fine. I have it all here at work too. Listening now.

funky dredd

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The protected content is an issue. When trying to play it won't allow it without downloading the license and MS wants to know about it. Which is no big deal since I own the cd's, but i'll just rip them without it :D
Steevo said:
Sounds neat, but why not just share your music on teh network? I do and it works fine. I have it all here at work too. Listening now.
_kC_ said:
yeh i just map/share my 2 250's, that plugin is useless if you network em;)
This tends to be useful (and legal) on university networks, where most people don't want to share their folders.

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