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18 Oct 2002
when i first installed my 2 harddrives... due to me not understanding ntfs very well i got slightly muddled up and now ive ran into a problem.

my 2 drives
40GIG - slave / all my files(movies, audio, setups, documents etc..)
60GIG - master / windows

because of me having ALOT of video and audio i am down to the last 2GB on that 40GIG.. and still have over 50GIG on my main drive.

so what i need to do is find a wat to swap them, put all my audio and video n stuff on the 60 gig n put windows on my 40. I'm sure there is no easy way to do this...

i'm guessing i will need to do it manually, but i'm a little confused, any help appreciated.
Probably the easiest thing to do would be to create a partition (Partition magic works great, and is incredible easy to use)on the 60 gig, or if you have a cd burner, clean out some of the 40 gig. I would do both, and give yourself that much more room.
There are risks of creating a partition while an OS exists on the drive, do take care if you use this method.

If you don't mind installing windows and other software again, you could transfer all the contents of the 40GB drive straight on to the 60GB drive. Swap the drives around - master to slave, slave to master and install windows again on the correct drive.
Once, you're happy with it, you can delete all the OS + app files from the 60GB drive.
are thrre any other programs other than partition magic, i dont have the money to pay for that right now
Just create a folder on the 60GB hard drive and move EVERYTHING from the 40GB into that folder. Wipe out the 40GB drive, install Windows on it, then wipe out the OS files from the 60GB drive.... No financial cost there... :)
thats what i was thinking, but would it make a difference if i never formatted the 60 gig, only deleted the OS off it? bcoz i was thinking about creating a folder putting the 40gig contents on it, formatting the other drive installing windows. then copying the 40gig back over, formatting the 60 and copying that 40 back over. that would take a hell of a lot of time, is it worth it? if i just delete the OS off it and then maybe defragment it would i still get the same high performance that all new installs bring?
just move the contents of 40 to the 60, reformat the 40 and install windows

then just delete what you originally had on the 60, leaving what was on the 40
defragment both drives.
then your done with optimum performance
Yep, move 40GB drive to 60GB drive. Format/delete contents of 40GB drive, install Windows on it. Then delete OS files from 60GB drive and run Defrag on both drives if needed.

Formatting both drives then copying contents across will only cause fragments again.

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