swap file

In short, no...you don't want to turn it off.

Here's a short explanation of what a pagefile/swapfile is:
A swap file (or swap space or, in Windows NT, a pagefile) is a space on a hard disk used as the virtual memory extension of a computer's real memory (RAM). Having a swap file allows your computer's operating system to pretend that you have more RAM than you actually do. The least recently used files in RAM can be "swapped out" to your hard disk until they are needed later so that new files can be "swapped in" to RAM. In larger operating systems (such as IBM's OS/390), the units that are moved are called pages and the swapping is called paging.

One advantage of a swap file is that it can be organized as a single contiguous space so that fewer I/O operations are required to read or write a complete file.

In general, Windows and Unix-based operating systems provide a default swap file of a certain size that the user or a system administrator can usually change.
Ask perris. He has written an exellent article on the swapfile/pagefile/virtual memory.

In short, even if you turn it off, NT os's will still use one.
i am using xp home. i guess for now i will leave it on. if i decide to turn it off will i gain any performance?
read this zip.

I haven't worked on this in months, tell me if it's easy to follow

thanx in advance


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painbird said:
i am using xp home. i guess for now i will leave it on. if i decide to turn it off will i gain any performance?
if you have 2 gigs of ram, you can turn it off.

(by no means a definitive number...in short: don't turn it off.)
you can't disable the page file, short and sweet. You can think you have, but you haven't.
Perris, btw, i loved that article. Summed up things nice and sweet. maybe you could throw it in a new thread and sticky it?
thanx dreamliner

we're going to give it a seperate page on the board.

I do fall in love with my own writing, and I can't tell if it's well written or easy to understand...I can't give it to my usual editors to give it a going over, as they have no tech ability at all

I can use some input on how everyone thinks it reads

I allready spotted that I spelled "bladder" with two t's.

anyway, all the input on how well it reads, or what is not clear enough, and mostly, where I am too verbose

I will appreciate everyone's help

then I'll finnish it and find a spot on the board for it.

I have allready gotten a good nod on technical accuracy from people that were involved with "inside windows 2000"

it's my style I'm worried about
I find the best way is pretty much what you've done. Put it down for a bit, then go back and edit it.

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