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swap file thingy

Evil Marge

I Rule
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Hi everyone, well as promised i upgraded my memory ! What a difference ! I still have one niggle though....since i upgraded to 256 RAM i still got this message once..'virtually memory too low'...
Does it matter ? ...i have set the swap file thing to one and a half times the RAM size....

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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if you've only gotten the message once, then I wouldn't worry about it;

as far as setting the pf to 1.5 your ram...that's fine, if you've allowed the maximum to be at least 3x the 1.5 figure.

if you have the minimum and maximum set to the same value, no, 384 will almost definately cause slowdowns when you start to use or load sophisticated programs...it's definately too small.

my recomendation, a no miss...is pf 2x ram, with expansion to 3x the figure.

dissregard any advice you've heard claiming a static page file is preferred...it is not

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