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5 Jul 2002
How do i swap my c: to my f: ? After a new HDD installation it's annoying me as Windows isn't installed on c:\

rightclick on the my computer icon and choose manage and then disk management, and there you can map drive letters. btw doing this of the top of my head so im not sure
This doesn't seem to work. The way i tried was thru Control Panel > Perf. and Maintenance > Administrative tools > Computer Management.

But when trying to give the C: to the hd with windows it says 'Windows cannot modify the letter of your system volume or boot volume'

Can this be done in Safe Mode/ DOS at all?
mayb its possible, but wouldnt that screw up your pc and make it stop booting because it cant find windows...
Yes..it would seem to bugga up the booting of the PC!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!

Tried (like the fool that i am!) to do it thru the registry (saw that MS page b4 you posted it Speedy_B) and i've just got back from a reinstallation! :(

Tip: When installing XP to a new drive..disconnect your other HDs until it is all up and running. Saves you lots of hassle if you end up with incorrect drive letters.

Thanks both for you help :)
Had that same issue when I installed the OS when I got my Raid set up. Didn't really effect anything having Windows installed on drive H, but I know what you mean when you say it bugged you. I sat through another full installation just to have it on C again!

Side note: When I pulled the other drives out and re-installed windows, it went fine. But as soon as I plugged the other drives back in, Windows gave me a message that said it couldn't boot. So, I had to change boot order in BIOS to disable all other boot options except SATA. Simply setting it to boot from SATA first didn't help. Then I was able to boot into Windows and delete all the old boot files from the other drives. Once I did that, I was able to re-enable the other boot options in BIOS. Weird.

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