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SVCHOST processes



Hi all

I'm looking at my task manager and have 4 svchost.exe processes running its actuall y like below:

svchost.exe LOCAL SERVICE 00 3,248K
svchost.exe NETWORK SERVICE 00 2,600K
svchost.exe SYSTEM 00 12,380K
svchost.exe SYSTEM 00 3,628K

Does anyone know what this is???

My average PF usage is 105Mb is this normal

Also I get an error message when I shut down windows, is says virtual memory is low and windows is adjusting the page file size, I have manually set this to 500, but it still comes up the message. Any information will be gratefully received. Oh one last thing I remember there being instructions on how to properly uninstall msn messinger but I can't find it on this site, someone please let me know


Sam :cool:


Ya, I have 2 of these processes running. I think it has something to do with your internet connection? No clue tho, but once in a blue moon I get an error just like you.


Yea, I'm not quite sure which SVCHOST.EXE is associated to which service, but I know before when I would constantly tweak services (I only had 192MB RAM) I was able to get it down to like 1 SVCHOST.EXE running. But the normal is 4 running and they are required for certain network capabilities so don't stress it. Also, on reboot I notice my PF is about 96-107 so that should be normal too (at least in our situations).

As for the error, I actually have never received this in XP or 2K. I always used to get it in 3.11, 95,98,ME. I actually have a partition dedicated to the PF (996MB) so I'm not sure if that makes a difference. Take care!

max man 3d


This is locking up my computer,I am have all kinds off odd problems,Playing games and the computer locks.Do a reboot and come back and four off them are running I am the only user off this computer.But if I end task on say two off them the computer seems to work fine with out them.So why do you need them to run in the back ground when all they are doing is making problems.I have add this locking up for a very long time now and it is really starting to get me down.It is not like it is just two day it as been like this for at lest 2 or 3 months..And I am thinking about putting XP out with the rubbish and putting win 98 back on..

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