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I see these postings all over the net. I have posted about it once or twice before too. Now from what I have read "svhost.exe" is the one which is a virus or well a problem if you have it. And svchost.exe is normal. Now if it's normal, why do I have 3 to 6 of them all the time, and using alot of ram as well. Can this be changed, or what about it?
You will have as many as needed for different essential applications. I have 6 of them running as I type this.

Never disable it, it is part of the OS.


Here is an explanation of it direct from MicroSquish as to XP Pro Edition:

Windows 2000:

and from Wikipedia:

As to your concern about the mem hogging. This quote from the Wiki:
The April 30, 2007 release of WSUS 3.0 led to reports of svchost.exe issues, including 100% CPU usage, memory hogging, and excessive laptop fan/power usage.
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Thanks for all the info. I wish they were not needed. Some of mine are running at 15,000K at times.
It would be nice to know which app is running with which svchost linked to it so we could figure out a way to minimize the memory usage. Maybe someone here knows how to?
or just run this from the command line
tasklist /svc /FI "IMAGENAME eq svchost.exe"

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