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Suspicious CPU temp reading

i bought an AMD X2 5000 Brisbane... when i run a temperature test its really suspicious... can anyone help me with my temp readings?

CPUID and Core temp reads it lower that my ambient room while Speedfan i dont understand which is telling the truth..

is this processor is defective?

Specs are:
Emaxx ANF82HD - Pro http://www.emaxxtech.com/products.php?id=9
AMD X2 5000 (2.6) not OC with Evercool Raspid Cpu Cooler
HDD 40gb sATA
HDD 80gb sATAT
2x1gb ram

attached are my temp readings and my casing 2x120mm and 3x80mm fan... i cant afford water cooling...


Speedfan looks like the only one reading correctly. Seems like it thinks you have a dual processor MB one is reading no processor 11C, the other is reading 40C which is about right.

I've had a lot of trouble getting utilities to read correct temperatures on my ECS boards. If they are pulling the temperature out of the bios the bios might not be calibrated to a particular cpu or chipset. Run the CPU hard for 20 minute sthen reboot and check the BIOS temperature readings.

If the CPU is showing the proper info and getting about the right benchmarks it is ok.
here it is...idle for an hour....
i ran Grid Race Driver(played for 15 minutes) together with Need for Speed Undercover (i played for 45 minutes) then switch again to the other game, then other, then the other until im tired..

about the reading in the Pc health, i thought i can see dual temps for dual cores...

here is the shots :



The Analog Kid
Brisbane's do not report temps correctly. You're BIOS will usually read it right so at least you know what you idle at. I've found that what ever CoreTemp reports is low by about 23 degrees.

American Zombie

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I have always found Speedfan to be pretty accurate.
You have to make sure you are setting the sensor you want to monitor as it will detect all sensors.

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