Surgeon in Romania loses temper and hack's off ...


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Apr 26, 2004
...patient's penis!

Doctors' unions in Romania have criticised a decision to make a surgeon pay £100,000 in damages after he lost his temper and hacked off a patient's penis during surgery.

Surgeon Naum Ciomu, who had been suffering from stress at the time, had been operating on patient Nelu Radonescu, 36, to correct a testicular malformation when he suddenly lost his temper.

Grabbing a scalpel, he sliced off the penis in front of shocked nursing staff, and then placed it on the operating table where he chopped it into small pieces before storming out of the operating theatre at Bucharest hospital.
Full article can be found here:

Personally, I would want more than the £100,000 for this "temporary loss of judgement due to personal problems" I would want a hell of a lot more money and demand the doctor never work in medicine again!


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Aug 25, 2004
Holy $hiat! Wow... 100,000 doesn't even begin to pay for the emotional damages and obviously the effect this will have on this poor mans life. On a lighter note though, if he ever wants to get transgender surgery, it will be cheaper now. :p

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Jul 4, 2002
Poor guy but what goods money going to do him? Whether they gave him £10 or £100,000 it's not going to make a blind bit of difference :speechless:


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Feb 11, 2004
The Clitoris is equivalent of a penis. I dunno, just sounds painful, no matter who you are.

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