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.. Is the title of my class this fall.

I've got two options. Take it or test out. I have loads of Win2k experience and know the test will be a breeze. The only questions I have are, does testing out of classes reflect poorly on a transcript (cause there are 3 others I can test out of) and is there a chance, however slim, that I'll need the class? By that I mean, if you have 5 years of Win2k experience, have you basically seen it all, or is there some hyper complex issue that only a class will teach.


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Classes are very behind the times, especially with Operating Systems. I tested out of a few classes and basically they need you to get a certain grade on the test, in my case an 89 or above, and they give you the letter grade you get on the exam for a grade on the course.

With regards to transcripts, it looks like a normal grade. However, I'd check with your professor/registrar to be sure.

If you can, test out - that's what I would do. The only negative is that the school still gets your money. So, if you don't have much else going on you might as well maximize the return on your (or your parents) investment.


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Thanks guys. I was already leaning towards the test out, just wanted to be sure I was making the right call. This is the first step in a few "review" classes that I'll test out of. I also got two "basic" classes complete because I got A+ done on my own a few years back. It's nice to be ahead.


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