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Support . Modem onboard !


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When i upgraded my pc with an Athlon XP 1800 and a motherboard with an modem onboard i sure installed Windows XP Pro . Then the install finished and restarts the pc ( normally ) . And when entered again in windows and i've started to set up my not onboard modem windows detected both and started to restart my pc without any explication and did not let me to choose the account and this thing happended since i installed again XP . I want to specify that the onboard modem was disable from BIOS . Some friends told me that this is a bug from XP and no patches available , after some weeks i installed again and worked . I want to find more information about this strange thing . Thank's to all !
You should be able to go into your bios as the computer boots...under a section labeled special features or onboard devices, just make sure the modem is set to disabled..then XP shouldn't be able to detect it.


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I also know how to set this thing up from BIOS but this isn't the cause for that problem that a friend also had like me . . . ;)


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Originally posted by Qumahlin
sorry I can't understand what you are asking exactly.
XP detects both modems ( if so onboard one is disabled ) and has an incompatibility or an error with this thing . Got it ?:)
So even when the modem is disabled XP is still detecting it? now thats odd. Check for any bios updates since it seems that it isn't truly disabling the modem...


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I quess this is the only sollution .. momentainly i'm lucky cause at the second install of xp that incompatibility wasn't detected. uhh

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