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superb rig for sale @ great price


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sean 'pelly' pelletier... a rather well known reviewer of video cards and other products... is selling off his computer to raise money for his marriage :)

I've decided to pimp his rig here...

personally I think for the price the rig is ridiculously well priced :)

specs :

Looking to sell my personal system to get money for wedding ( Sept. 28th ). I hate to do this, but it looks like I'm about to get hit with some serious bills and I am forced to gather some extra cash.

Here are the specs:

P4 2.4C ( 800MHz FSB )

Abit IS7-E with Gigabit

1GB Corsair XMS PC4000 (Twin-X )

Chaintech GeForce FX 5900

Maxtor 80GB IDE with 8MB cache OR Western Digital Raptor SATA ( your choice )

Plextor PX-504 DVD+R/RW

M-Audio Revolution 7.1 sound card

Thermaltake Spark 7 copper heatsink w/ variable fan

Antec TruePower 480W with blue LED

Blue Chieftec case with acrylic window and blue LED exhaust fans

Win XP Pro and Office XP Premium loaded

Dell 2000FP 20" LCD

Blank DVD's, CDR's, CD-RW's, and a few retail games included...

Price for system alone: $1299

Price with LCD monitor included: $1999

If interested, PLEASE do not PM me...
Email me at: pelly@hardocp.com

Have a good one guys,

Sean Pelletier
Editor - HardOCP

Ebay: sean_p
Heatware: pelly
picture of the case...


if anyone is interested drop him a line... :)

Now I'd take that over a similarly priced Mac any day of the week :D
That is one heck of a machine for it's price. Someone should find it useful, I'm sure.


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just letting people know that it is out there :)

if anyone is looking to buy something.. that is a sweet looking/performing case...

and knowing pelly... he's probably tweaked te bejesus out of it :D

anyways.. the monitor itself is around the 800-900 dollar range... and 700 bucks for it is a good deal...

re-furbished ones go for around $ 799 online AFAIK... :)


info in case anyone is wondering about the gamnig potential of the monitor...


reponse time of 25 ms
20.1" viewing area
resolution of 1600x1200
dot pitch of 0.255mm
Analog (D-sub), digital (DVI-D), S-video, and composite video connectors
if you lot need any other info.. I am sure you can find it online :D


F@H - Is it in you?
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fyi... the video card is a regular 5900... not an ultra... it can be overclocked to 5900ultra peformance however...

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