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Super Size Me

This movie is so crazy. I saw it recently and the guy comes disgustingly unhealthy. if u guys don't know what its about then i'll tell u. a guy eats mcdonalds 3 meals a day for 30 days. its a documentary type style but there's lots of jokes in it so its pretty entertaining. very informative and i think if any of u guys have a fast food obsession like me then u should go watch this and u'll think secondly


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I heard it was a pretty good movie...itll make u think twice about eating so much fast food in your life.My brother said he was changed once he watched .... i havent found the time to watch it yet...but i probably will this summer.thanx for the overview
Evil Marge said:
I think it's being shown on telly over here in the UK next week,not my kind of thing so I won't be watching it
why not????? its very informative and shows u how unhealthy mcdonalds can make ur body especially ur liver


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you would think that after 30 days of eating mc's he would never want to see the food again but the guy actually got addicted to the food. must be heavy chemicals in there

i'm soo hungry now.....
It is really interesting how he leaves all the different food items sitting out and only the fries look exactly the same.


I have just watched all the scary movies, scary movie, scary movie 2 and 3 never laughed so hard, will rent this one also, thanks for eds up :up:
yeah he states how everyone knows fastfood is bad. but it goes into detail showing how his liver malfunctions, cholesterol goes up, his sex drive goes down, how he gets highs and lows during his days, and how much sugar a week he's digesting. all done in an interesting manner. and by the wya did yall know that fat cells stay with u forever and they only shrink when u exercise so tecnically u can never lose them ? its crazy well go watch the movie every1!

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