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super fast MP3

ok i was just going throigh my mp3 database and i notecied that when i played some of them, like say voodoo people which is a 6 min song it will play it really really fast nad make it 50 seconds and this only happens in windows media players 2 and 7 ( i am not going to use 9) and i know that it is not the mp3 because play center uses it fine and playes it perfect but would like to know why mplayer 2 is doing this??? and hte reason why i want to use mplayer 2 is because it is fast to load.


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Possibly something to do with the codec it is using.. can't say i've heard of this before.

If you want a fast player, I'd recommend Cool Player (its a 200k download and its free.)


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Isn't there a setting where you can have songe fade and go into the next song. Maybe you could check the prefereces or options.

I know real palyer and winamp has that and sometimes it cut a song off short.

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