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super duper laptop mode

Perris Calderon

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how long have I been on a laptop?

never new there was a mode that said "max battery life" (or is this new in power management?)...I wonder how much extra time this will give me.

processor clocks down to about 800 mhz, lap goes into standby in about a minute if idle.

I also notice desktop mode, and always on...always on, the processor clocks up to a little more then spec.

in general, the performance differance seems quite large.


I may actually be insane.
Never used a laptop that hasn't had power saving functionality. Even my ancient Libretto 70ct has it (approaching 10 years old).


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Max battery life has been on laptop profiles for quite a long time. All it does really, is to lower power consumption by making the screen go into standby mode after about 1 or 2mins, reduce the backlight to minimum, put the fan on quiet mode as well as reducing the cpu speed.

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