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Sun to fork out $1 billion for open-source firm MySQL

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Sun Microsystems will plunk down $1 billion to buy MySQL, the maker of a popular open-source database.
Sun said Wednesday that it will pay about $800 million in cash for MySQL's privately held stock and will assume about $200 million worth of options. MySQL CEO Marten Mickos will join Sun's senior executive team after the transaction closes.
The acquisition is a bold move for Sun, which has embraced open-source software and development practices in an effort to garner more revenue from its software business. Until now, it has sold support services for a competing open-source database, PostgreSQL.
Company executives said they will continue to support PostgreSQL and continue to partner with database giant Oracle.
MySQL, founded in 1995, is one of the most successful open-source companies. It's part of the popular combination of open-source development products referred to as LAMP, for Linux, Apache Web server, MySQL and the PHP development language, which is broadly used on the Internet and within companies.


Wonder if its time to move - notice how they say "for now" they will support PGSQL - im happy with it though, and already people are on about moving away from MySQL if sun buys it


Woah.. I'm still here?
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already posted in the front page :) :p

edit: thread moved to the news room
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Woah.. I'm still here?
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lol.. only because I was busy at work.. and pulled together a bunch of links to provide more info :)


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Think that maybe i should move?

MySQL has been working for me no problem all these years, can't see why I would need to move.


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