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#1 is my situation...I have a ATI Radeon 9600 Pro in my gaming box....I have a ATI Radeon 8500LE in my other XP box....and I have a nVidia TNT2 m64 that I was going to put in the linux box I am building...I then got the idea to move the 8500LE to the linux box and get another card for the other XP box...thing is...I don't want to spend alot on it...I have seen this on EBay..... and was thinking this might be fine for what I do on the machine. Its not a gaming box so I don't need a really high-end card in it...just want a step up from the 8500 I guess...would this be a good move?


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The cards not worth that kind of money. It is a little better than the 8500 depending on the benchmark run. It is "sort of a DX9" card. But since it is not the 5600 ultra it's pretty limited.

The $89 bid price will end up at about the $119 buy it now price by end of auction.

For $150 you can get a real card or for $80-90 you can get a GE4-4200.

Personally I'd stay with the TNT2 card in the linux box and wait for card prices to keep on dropping with the spring releases.

Lists all the vid cards with multiple benchmarks. Warnign at Tom's hardware look at the performance graphs and ignore the recommendations.


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#3 that I reconsider things....I really am gonna just use the linux box as a it doesnt need a killer card since it won't be running X...oh well...thanks for the input..:)

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