suggestions! FAST

does anyone know how to rid onesself of a nagging "think I am computer genius" who insists on calling late into the night with questions such as:

"How come I cant put USB cables into my router?"


"why cant windows 95 do that, and o yea, forgot, I "
and do have windows 95, so this wont work because it doesn't say 95 on the box, but look at this I actually have 98 so your work was pointless, but I still think it is 95.... HAHAHAHA!!" (what?)


"why cant I assimilate with my computer to become a super-machine capable of world domination and whatnot?"

. . . anyone have any sort of 12 step program (less steps = better) or a nuclear device that only operates in small radii or something of that nature... I am desperate!


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give me his address.. I guess we can put him out of his misery...

/me dons ninja outfit and loads up on his ki...

nothing a little kamehameha wave to the head won't solve :D


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Just answer the phone in an foreign accent and pretend that you are a kebab shop.

No bad idea he will then keep phoning back wanting a take-away!
lol. . . that is actually what I told him "just go to the MS support website - knock yourself out" (he might...quoting how the MS support page might look to him: "if you have tried all of the above 'solutions' but your computer still will not do your psychotic bidding, do a dance to the computer gods continuously chanting "hu-PAH!". If this does not work, please go out in your backyard and hit yourself in the head with a hammer now."

what will become of him, no one knows

*edit - I are a güd typer