Suggestion for 8gb plus flashdrives or equivalent


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7 Oct 2004
Ok So every two weeks or so i send about 30gb's to a hosting company, right now we send it by ext hard drive, but they are suseptable to drive damage, so instead i was thinking of getting 3 8gb flashdrives, now they are a little small, but 8gb's would be possible.

Has anyone used an 8gb flash drive or something similar, and can give me advice?

I was thinking of using DVD's but they would just take too long to burn.
I believe SanDisk just released 12 and 16GB flash memory, not certain on pricing though.

IMO however, neither technology is less succeptable (sp?) to failure than the other.
not really true KC if you drop a thumb drive its far more likely to survive.

the 16gb's are like $500 not really an option when i need 9 of them
Ah I was also confused, it was early and I was thinking SD Cards when you mentioned flash drives, my mistake.

I agree in the sense that thumb drives are more likely to survive than a hard drive, but the device should be properly packed anyways.
In order of my preference-

3-4 DL DVD's (use rewriteables to save money, stack 3 drives and burn over night while you sleep.)

1-2 Blu-ray (at $699 for a burner and $13 for a blank, not a good deal yet)

If you're not already use a 2.5 inch 80 GB laptop drive. (more rugged than desktop, lighter, which means less risk of shock and vibration damage, just put it in a conductive plastic bag, slide it into a piece of hollowed out conductiive foam and box it)

the flash drives mentioned above. Too pricey.

(4) 8-10 GB USB HDs. Just as pricey as flash at the same memory density, bad choice.

Wait 3 months Blu-ray will be $300, in 6 months it'll be $150-200
thanks lee, i was looking at the sandisk firelites, they look pretty good and rugged.
I have to say. Laptop drives would be your best solutions for larger storage. And at a great price. Those drives have been coming down in price for a while. You could even pop them in USB enclosures at $10 a pop or less.

I had an extra 40GB 2.5" laptop drive that I popped in a masscool enclosure for $5 + shipping. The thing is great!

The larger USB flash drives are just not affordable yet. But as we all know, they will come down in price.
lancer, Lee posted a suggestion for the WD Passport drive. I have the 120GB version that I use for my business and it works extremely well. I also purchased the carrying case (which offers more protection).
thanks aprox, but i need at least 16gbs 3 times, aka in either three different drives or one drive that has at least 50gbs, and i need three of those. sorry i cant be more specific with what i need, but i cant legally discuss what i do.

Madmatt i'll look at that drive sounds like a good solution.
Oh ok, My misunderstanding. Good luck finding something that works then. I know a person myself that uses a laptop hard-drive in one of those third party USB external enclosures and it works great for him. Since Laptop hard-drives are less prone to damage from shock that might be just the ticket then?

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