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Suggest me a Blu-Ray player


The Analog Kid
I'm looking for a bluray player to replace my aging DVD player. I'd like to spend less than $250. I'd like it to have the following features (in order of importance):

Good quality DVD upconversion (I have far too many DVD's to ever think about replacing them all)
Netflix streaming
USB or SD slot for avi playback
ability to stream from another PC
Hulu streaming
YouTube streaming
next to the PS3 the top end samsung players are the best you can get. At least from what I can see with players available in europe. For all that sony came up with bluray, their stand-alone players seem lacking. It's as though Sony want people to have PS3's for their bluray needs in the hopes they'll buy ps3 games as well.


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PS3 is hands down the best Blu-ray player and will always be supported with the latest firmware and the Blu-ray 2.0 spec if you dont know what that means (2.0 is the profile of the future, requiring the two secondary decoders, 1GB of local storage for updates and content, and an Internet connection.) makes PS3 the most future-proof player because once thats implemented most other players will be left out in the cold. or you will have to dish out 500+ for a player to offer these specs. while the ps3 is 299

plus if you dont want to play games on it, you have a full media server with unlimited storage. Well worth it....


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I saw a Samsung the other day at Wal-Mart for 150 which included Netflix and Pandora streaming. If you don't have a PS3, it's a pretty sweet deal.


The Analog Kid
fairly sure that I'm set on the LG BD390 unless something better comes along before xmas. What worries me about the Wally World Samsung's is that they are slight less supported than their "true" retail models.


Carbon based lifeform
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Evidently the Samsungs have been having update problems, really buggy firmware. So the LG would be the choice to go here


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I saw a Samsung the other day at Wal-Mart for 150 which included Netflix and Pandora streaming. If you don't have a PS3, it's a pretty sweet deal.
I was eyeing this one for a gift for my brother. It says its wireless ready which would be great for the next time the DRM gets f'd up and they need to get a new firmware. But it turns out that by being wireless "ready" you still need an $80 adapter to get it on your home wifi.

The dude at Best Buy (I know, I know, who trusts Best Buy?) recommended the BD3600, its $220 and had the wireless already built in. I'm not sure what to get now.
Well, sucks to me... Waited too long and now everyone's jacked up the price on the BD390. Looks like LG stopped production and are introducing new models at CES. Hopefully they have one that replaces the BD390 and they don't bork any of the features.

Thinking of... how come there's no CES 2010 thread.

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