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7 Oct 2004
I'm have been forced to upgrade now as my 478 mobo went capute and i just don't feel like putting any more money into this computer...

... So i am totally upgrading, but i need to know whats the best mobo for the Core 2 around $100, needs to be ATX, NOT micro.... and have at least 4 DDR2 slots.
stay as far away from the ABit AB9 Pro. I have it and have never had any problems like I have with this board. I have gotten through almost all of them (except one) and would suggest the Gigabyte DS3 if you want something good and stable that would also overclock really well if you were inclined to do that.
evga nforce 680i SLI :)

Edit: It's about $270 ish but its the best board period for core 2 duo.
i think spending $270 on a mobo is crazy....
It's the best on the market, there will be more options coming out based on it.

Key feature is 3 high-speed pci-e slots.

Future-proofing is key my friend :)
screw that $270 for what, what extra features demand such a high price. My mobo that just went was the first i've ever had die on me and it was also the first machine that i didn't build myself.

Seeming that i generally only keep a pc for a yr or two at the most $270 is just too much....

Convince me?!
There will be a baser model released in the very near future which will cost a lot less and have 2 high-speed pci-e slots instead. You can always spring for that.

Consider everything will be at a premium right now because they JUST came out.
yeah it looks like it, also there seems to be a glut of micro atx mobos for this socket, its strange. I smell a consipiracy in the making.

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