Sufficient Power Supply?


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Re: Power Supply Questioon

I got my Motherboard Replaced under warranty last November, and got a new Case, and Power supply, local shop said it's perfect for what I use, been leaving it on 24/7 lately--unknown what brand the supply in here is though, they said 350 watt was fine for what I do with it. Should i be worried, or not even worry on my PSU, I only have 1 game I see graphics glitches--Need For Speed Most Wanted, but those have always been there, think it's just a buggy game, or it don't like my ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB AGP 8X(running at AGP4X card) since it crashes when run on AGP8X with this replacement board.


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Re: Power Supply Questioon

My CPU is AMD Sempron 2600 Palermo Core 1.61 Ghz 64bit.

This Was replaced along with my old Motherboard for free--so I couldn't really complain--Replaced parts

VIdeo Card

The problem with old board was that ram slots were bad, and it was having BSOD's alot--Machine_check_exception, so shop decided to replace alot of the parts, and it's been working fine since.

OTher Components

60gb master hard drive
80gb slave
Liteon DVD-ROm
Liteon CD-rw
Gigabyte KVM800M Rev 2.x Socket 754 Motherboard
Video card ATI Radeon 9600XT 256MB
Floppy Drive Dead, but soon to be replaced

No other cards, Case fans 1 80mm front, 1 80mm side, 1 90mm rear, CPU Fan, and of course Power Supply fan


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Re: Power Supply Questioon

That power seems a bit small, i dont know ati card though so i cant tell if its a drain. i would use at least a 400w psu probably higher. But im not completely sure.


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Re: Power Supply Questioon

I'm not completely sure either, I think he told me it had 350 Watt, but i'm not sure if that's what's in there or not, next time I open the case to replace floppy drive or install rounded cables, i'll take a look at Power Supply. It runs well otherwise, it runs Half Life 2 fine, Joint Ops, Battlefield 2, FLight Sim 2004, Full Spec Warrior, Splinter Cell, and everything I throw at it.


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personally I would say 350 is more than adequate for those needs - but not for any significant upgrading...

also there are 350W PSU's and there are 350W PSU's - it all depends on the particulars - if you give us a brand or model - that will be far more revealing....


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Well I will take a look in there later on sometime, and get the brand/model of the Power Supply--as for any sufficent upgrading, i am not planning to in the future, new floppy drive, and new dvd-burner, possibly new video card in the future, but at this time, not gonna upgrade.


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then don't worry about it then, almost a pointless question....

... when you get a new v/card, then you'll probably need to upgrade. But to be honest why you or anyone would leave their pc on 24/7 unless you are actually doing something on it 24/7 is just pointless and a total waste of electricity.


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ah - but we are all hoping he might like the folding badge (check it out BikemanAMD, stickied in the Green Room) - then he has a definite reason to leave the PC on 24/7.... and maybe he likes the "You've got mail" thing going on?.... Ours is not to reason why (unless we want to post in Hard Talk mebbe)


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Well I leave it on to do virus scans some nights, spyware, downloads, or just to be available in the morning when I wake up...sometimes it goes into suspend overnight if nothing else is planned that night--my sister's left her's on for over 2 1/2 years..

Plus I heard from a few friends in real life--that it's better to leave PC on 24/7--unless she's wrong, if it's gonna storm or anything, then i shutdown for the night..but lately been on alot.


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Well I don't know how much she reboots it or anything, but it's rarely off ever--and password protected, so couldn't turn it off even if I wanted to end up just leaving it. She did the same with her old PC as well, that was running Windows 98SE.

Ok Looked in my case--and couldn't read brand of Power supply, but it did say 400Watt on it, so I guess it's good, did see a label on one side, ACI, but I didn't see nothing much else.
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